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$500 Bonus Test
13 October, 2022

We are giving away $500 in our first test of Presail. We’re using the Polygon Matic network, so grab some Polygon USDC and head over to the $500 Bonus Test on the Presail app.

Here’s how it works. You “stake” some money to buy our deal. In this case, we will be selling $1000 for $1000. We also offer a bonus, that is related to the order that you staked. The first dollar of stakes will get $1 in bonus, and the last dollar will get zero, for an average bonus of 50%. When we close the deal, we’ll send you the dollars you bought, plus the bonus.

So, act fast! And, invite your friends. If we fill the deal faster, we distribute the bonuses faster. We’ll move into the “offer” closing period as soon as we have $1000 in stakes.

Contact us on the Presail Discord with questions.

You can stake up to $100. We’re hoping to find 10 or 20 people to buy our $1000 deal. Staking is low risk and easy to exit. You can “unstake” at any time before the end of the offer period.

Thank you for helping us with an early test of the workflow and the software. We think the smart contract (linked here) is solid, but something unexpected might go wrong. If you can’t get your money, contact us and we’ll compensate you.

Deals coming soon