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Design the Deal

The Presail DAO is transforming VC with global, open-access workflows. Collaborate with other buy-side experts and super-angels to qualify, abandon, boost, and pre-allocate deals before they have specific terms.

1. See projects early

See deals before they have specific terms. Come in as an invited lead, bring deals that you like, or get an early look during our exclusivity period. Presail supports DAOs, startups, SPACs, and funds.

2. Stake your risk-free claim

Reserve a spot by staking tokens. Un-stake at any time. Re-use income-producing tokens to zero out the opportunity cost. Some deals fade, and some gain momentum. Early stakers get better pricing. You get paid for getting in early, and building a winner

3. Build to a hot offer

Support a hot deal through market pricing, and collect your investment with immediate bonuses.