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Accelerate Funding

For buy-side syndicates, funds, startups, and crypto-SPACs. The Presail app will hold stakes from investors, reward them for early action, and refund at any time. Buyers get a fast and safe way to express interest. Sellers can seek investor validation at an early stage. Learn more at

Create alpha

Propose deals before they have specific terms. Lead deals from the buy side and get compensated with the best terms. Create alpha through investor validation and momentum. Get fast delivery of funds at close.

Get risk-free reservations

Reserve an allocation by staking tokens. Un-stake at any time. Re-use income-producing tokens to zero out the opportunity cost. Early stakers get better pricing or other bonuses.

Join the DAO

Work with other lead investors to design the app, improve the quality of the market, and build value in the membership token.